A Passion for
Behavior Analysis


I’m Rosie

A BCBA completely obsessed with ABA, my goal is to help grow the field of behavior analysis through my guiding principles of dissemination and elevation.

🌎 Disseminate

Dissemination isn’t just a part of our BCBA code. Spreading the power of ABA is an inherent part of my life. I even have an Instagram dedicated to my love of food, explained with behavioral principles – 📷 @rosie.eats.bx.

I love being a part of the ABA community. Meeting other BCBAs and learning from each others’ experiences keeps me motivated and driven to contribute more to the field. Some groups I’m a part of are: Dr. Megan Miller #dobetter, BABA (Black Applied Behavior Analysts) Advocate.

I’ve also been on the Behavior Bitches podcast talking about influencers and cold showers, and the Behavior Chef podcast talking about my eating behaviors.

☀️ Elevate

Sometimes being a BCBA can be lonely (especially if you’re always on the road doing in-home services). I want to inspire you and support you in your journey.

I’m also dedicated to making sure the next generation of BCBAs are confident and prepared to take on the challenges of the position through mentorship and supervision.